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Buxton Services, Wilton, CT
"As important to me as my hammer. Couldn't be without it."

T.L. McComb & Sons, Ft. Wayne, IN
"They are a wonderful tool and last a long time."

JMG Construction, East Hanover, NJ
"I think your tool is a great worker. It works great for just about any type of roof and plywood

R. Elton Copp, Jr. Builder N.H
" After 35 years in the building business, the 48" Shin-Dig is the most labor saving tool we have used"

Creative Carpentry, New Milford, CT
"Great shovels. Best we have ever used to strip roofs."

Wilson Building Supplies, Meadville, PA
"We only handle the Shin-DigŪ Tools because they are a great product, with many compliments from contractors, good service, & good prices."

Shin-Dig Tools
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Home | 48" Shin-Dig | 20" Mini Shin-Dig | Customer Testimonials